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1 week ago

101 Home Improvement Blogs | Totally Home Improvement

Here is my presentation for 101 of the best Home Improvement & DIY Blogs updated for 2014.

I first published this list over a year ago, and a lot has changed during that time. Unfortunately a few of my favorite blogs are no longer being updated, but on the bright side there are a few good ones that have captured my attention since then and are now included below.

Charles & Hudson - These guys have been recognized by a large number of bloggers and journalists as having one of the best home improvement blogs. They were at Number 1 on this list when I first published it, and I've kept them at Number 1 again this year!

Bob Vila - he's the self proclaimed "Dean of H

3 weeks ago

Obama’s looking forward to a vacation after the White House

Obama's looking forward to a vacation seo marketing after the White House | New York Post

President Obama's first executive action after leaving the White House will be to take some R&R.

"I will take a vacation for a couple weeks after my presidency is over," he told Democratic National Committee stakeholders in a conference call Monday evening, without specifying a location.

"But then we're going to get back to work," he added.

Obama addressed his party after its nominee, Hillary Clinton, was squarely beaten by President-elect Donald Trump. Democrats also failed to capture majorities in the House and Senate -- and lost governorships and state legislatures across the nation.

"I want to publicly say how best seo company proud I am of Hillary Clinton on a history-making race. We did not get the results we wanted, but we took a step in shattering a barrier that's still there," Obama said.

"That doesn't mean we don't hurt for what was an unexpected loss. And expected losses are hard enough, unexpected ones are just worse. And that's OK. I was telling my team you're allowed to mope for a week-and-a-half, maybe two if you really need it. But after that, we got to brush ourselves off and get back to work," he said.

Obama said Democrats ought to now be "listening to each other," "reflecting" and "[asking] tough questions."

"The bottom line is that the -- and I don't know about you all, but I'm still fired up and I'm still ready to go," Obama said.

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3 weeks ago

Mark Wahlberg's Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Looks Putrid

Mark Wahlberg's Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Looks Putrid

In the new trailer for Patriots Day, Kevin Bacon, playinghead of Boston FBI Richard DesLauriers, looks at a ball bearing in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and says, "It's terrorism." This is the best part of the trailer, and probably not in the way that the filmmakers intended.


The trailer is below, but if for some reason you can't watch, summon up the image that came to mind when you first learned that Mark Wahlberg was going to be in a movie about the Boston Marathon bombings, because it was accurate. I swear that this is true: Wahlberg plays a fictional composite cop named Tommy Saunders.

Patriots Day checks all the boxes: a tense score that becomes triumphant, sloppy Boston accents--especially from John Goodman as Commissioner Ed Davis--and Wahlberg starting diesel fuel vs gasoline a sentence with "We gotta." It's a film that will expect its audience to cheer as a woman in hijab asks about her rights and is told, "You ain't got fuel management system ppt shit, sweetheart."

Mark Wahlberg, one can surmise, loves being in Peter Berg's movies because it allows him to star as the most heroic of heroes in his attempt to mimic Tom Hanks's career of picking roles where he plays complex but generally pleasant protagonists. That Wahlberg's not anywhere close to being as likable or talented as Hanks doesn't seem likely to stop him.


H/t to Sophie

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3 weeks ago

Should You Hire a Contractor to Improve Your New Home?

Of course, DIY home improvement also involves a lot of unknowns. You are probably not skilled in construction, and even if you do know something about it, you can never learn everything. This means, something could go wrong in the construction process, or you could run into a situation you didn't bargain for. For example, your new house might have some issues that the realtor was not aware of, and if you uncover these issues while you're redoing the floor or updating the bathroom, you have a whole new project on your hands. Depending on what kind of problems you uncover, you might end up having to spend a lot more time than you thought, on something that could take a contractor just a few hours to accomplish.

3 weeks ago

Home Remedies for Cavities

A dental cavity is one of the most common causes of toothache and jaw pain. When a small food particle gets lodged in the cavity, it leads to excruciating pain. The toothache becomes worse if the tooth root is exposed due to the cavity. Oral hygiene, healthy diet, good eating habits play an important role in preventing cavities and tooth decay.

Teeth Cavities


The hard white enamel and dentin are the two outer layers of a tooth. A hole in these two layers is referred to as 'tooth cavity'. In the early stage, a hole develops in the enamel and does not lead to any sensation. But as it reaches the dentin, the person experiences pain when the tooth is used

1 month ago

Air Conditioners |

Types of Air Conditioners

Types of air conditioners

Wondering what are the different types of air conditioners that you can choose from? Well, this Buzzle article will tell you.

Myths and Facts About Air Conditioners

Myth and fact about air conditioners

1 month ago

Supplier of the Month: Intermetal.

Why is the mid market hospitality sector appealing to Intermetal?

With 2020 approaching, the need for three- to four-star hospitality

options is a must for the budget conscious traveller. At Intermetal,

with full scale manufacturing located in Dubai Investments Park, we are

able to cater to this sector by manufacturing complete hotel room

furniture to meet the rising demands in this region.

How does Intermetal differentiate itself from other suppliers in

the region?

Intermetal designs and manufactures the furniture that it sells,

and that is important to our customers. With the ability to monitor all

areas of production, we are able to ensure quality, durability and quick

delivery times due to our location.

Tell us about the products that you are seeing greatest demand for

in the region. The serviced apartment and budget hotel segment is on the

rise, and at Intermetal, we are seeing an increased demand for hotel

room furniture that is durable and that meets the stringent quality and

commercial standards that must be adhered to.


Why do mid market hoteliers choose you over others in the market?

Intermetal is reputed as a manufacturer of hospitality contract

furniture. With over 28 years of experience in the market and our vast

experience catering to the five-star properties, we have established

ourselves as a leader in our field. This is why mid-market hoteliers

decide to supply their hotels with Intermetal products.

Do you have mid-market expansion plans in the region?

To cater to this rising market and continue with our company's

expansion plan, Intermetal is set to open a state-of-the art woodworking

factory in Kizad to meet the market requirements and expand this content our


Supplier: Intermetal Ltd

Profile: Intermetal Ltd. was established in UAE in 1989 to cater to

the needs of the hospitality, educational and industrial markets. The

company is committed to manufacturing and supplying cost effective and

quality hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture, outdoor furniture,

educational furniture, office furniture as well as interior doors. It

has recently expanded its product line with IM Suite, a division

dedicated to the design and manufacture of complete hotel room furniture

for commercial projects. Intermetal's manufacturing plant is fully

equipped with CNC bending and routing machines, robotized welding,

powder coating, upholstery and includes a state-of-the-art joinery for


Supplier: Intermetal Marketing Manager Cathy Di Savino

Profile: Cathy Di Savino moved to the UAE in 1992 from Toronto,

Canada and joined Intermetal Ltd in 1998. She brings over 18 years of

experience in the company and her extensive knowledge of the

manufacturing process has enabled her to effectively promote the

company, as well as assist in new product development and launches.

Prior to joining Intermetal Ltd. Cathy worked for Royal Bank of Canada

and Honeywell ME.

[c] 2016 click here for more ITP Business Publishing Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Provided

by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( ).

1 month ago

Betting on blockchain: firms seek fortune in bitcoin's plumbing

LONDON A year ago, bitcoin was widely dismissed as little more than a way for drug-dealers and terrorists to move money around anonymously. Now, some of the world's biggest banks and companies are buying into the technology behind it.

Underlying the controversial web-based "cryptocurrency" is the blockchain - a massive ledger of every bitcoin transaction ever made that is verified and shared by a global network of computers.

But the data that can be secured by the blockchain is not restricted to bitcoin transactions. Any

1 month ago

Plumbing Sydney – Tree Roots Growing In Sewer Pipes by Blake Darling

Are my Neighbours Trees or the Trees Growing Out the Front of My Property have Roots Growing in my Sewer Pipes?

Trees that send roots into sewer lines are one of the major plumbing concerns, especially in homes built over twenty years ago. Trees are equipped with water finding capabilities that send tiny roots in every direction in a quest for water. The trenches where there are sewer lines do not usually have hard packed soil. Roots gravitate to this loose soil. When these roots invade from trees growing out the front of your property or from across the street and get into the sewer system, it is time to call in the professionals who do plumbing Sydney that know how to deal with a blocked drain.

The answer to the question, "Do the trees growing out the front of my property or across the street have roots growing in your sewer pipes?" is yes. If there is even one tiny crack in the pipe where water and plumbers Leesburg VA sewage can seep out, there are bound to be roots in the sewer.

Tree roots get into sewer pipes through tiny breaks in the pieces of pipe. Clay or cement pipes often have a type of cement called mortar that cracks easily in all kinds of weather and conditions. If small feeder roots find these cracks, the roots enter the pipe. When the little roots find their way into the sewer, the roots grow larger and larger. A Plumbing Sydney company has removed gigantic roots over 6 metres in length and nearly 50mm around.

Commercial tree root killing products that are safe to put in the sewer are a great way of controlling these tree roots, but should only be applied by a reputable applicator.

This problem can be solved.

The best chance of success happens if a company that is capable of sending a camera into the sewer line can be found. Yes, these days professional plumbers actually use CCTV cameras. By looking at a monitor, the operators can precisely pinpoint the location where the roots are entering the pipe. The electronic sensing equipment let the professional tell the depth of the sewer pipe below the surface of the ground at this location.

Your plumbing professionals can then carryout any excavation required to get into your sewer pipes, modifying the pipes for future access to apply chemical tree root control.

Tree roots do not like soil that has been treated with chemical tree root control and they will avoid it completely. This Manassas plumbers is a way to rid your sewer pipes from roots that will cause a blocked drain. If the local council is responsible for the trees planted in front of your property or across the street and you suspects that there are roots in the sewer pipe call them and have them come and check out the trees. They will decide the best course of action to take.

1 month ago

New York's Cuomo signs two-tier minimum wage law in push for state-wide $15/hour | Reuters

By Edward Krudy


NEW YORK New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed into law a minimum wage increase that takes a two-tier approach, setting a higher $15 per hour minimum for New tattoo removal methods York City and its environs and a lower legal minimum for less-costly areas.

Cuomo held a rally celebrating the event with Hilary Clinton, who is campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in her home state before its April 19 primary. Democrats have rallied behind the $15 minimum wage ahead of the presidential election in November.

"This new economy is not a fair economy for the middle class and the working families of this country," Cuomo said at the signing in a New York City convention center. "They feel that the American dream is slipping away."

States and cities have moved to surpass the federal minimum wage, which has remained at $7.25 an hour since 2009.

California Governor Jerry Brown on Monday also signed into law a plan to raise the minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour by the year 2023, making the nation's most-populous state among the first to boost pay to that level for the working poor.

Clinton's Democratic opponent for the nomination, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, issued a statement from the campaign trail in Wisconsin praising both New York and California for pushing through the legislation.

In New York, the minimum wage rises to $15 per hour from its current $9 by the end of 2018 for most businesses in New York City. Commuter counties of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester will reach $15 by the end of 2021, while the rest of the state will reach $12.50 by the end of 2020.

The two-tier approach was a compromise deal reached with the state's Republican lawmakers, who said an increase to $15 in the poorer upstate areas in the north of the state would be unfair to business owners.

After 2020 the $12.50 minimum wage upstate has the potential to rise by an amount determined by the state labor commissioner and the director of the budget. Any increase would be indexed to inflation and wage growth.

New York's law also carves out a slow-lane for New York City business with up to 10 employees, giving them four years tattoo removal near me instead of three to implement $15 per hour.

The law also contains a "safety valve." From 2019, state budget officials will look at the effects of the wage increases on regional economies and determine whether they should continue or be suspended.

In addition to the minimum wage law, Cuomo also signed a bill granting 12-week paid family leave that will phase in by 2021.

(Additional reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing by Daniel Bases and Dan Grebler)