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Types of Toilets

Gravity Tank Toilets:

Gravity two piece tank toilets are the most common toilet used in residential settings. They also are in some commercial/business settings. They depend on the volume of water (today generally about 1.28 - 1.6 gallons) in the tank to flush wastes and usually require water

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Facing Foreclosure? 'Short Sale' Could Help

As domain real estate the national mortgage crisis threatens millions of Americans, more people than ever are choosing to short-sale their homes rather than face foreclosure.

A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to allow a homeowner to sell the home for less than the mortgage owed on it. The lender either absorbs the difference or requires a borrower to pay it back in a lump sum judgment or payment plan.

This allows homeowners to walk away from their houses without going into foreclosure and seriously damaging their credit.

In 2007 there were 2.2 million new foreclosure filings in America, up nearly 80 percent compared with the previous year. The average foreclosure cost lenders $40,000, and the last thing banks and lenders want is more houses to sell.

For many, a short sale is now looking like the last best option. Though it still diminishes one's credit rating, the short sale is often vastly preferable to other options.

Real Estate Contributor and "Wall Street Journal" reporter Wendy Bounds shared the details on what you need to know about short selling your home on "Good Morning America" today.

Prove inability to make payments

The first thing you need to do is prove to the lender that you can't make payments at the adjustable level. That will require some filing of paper work, some documentation showing that your income has gone down.

Find a willing buyer

The second thing is to find a buyer who is willing to buy the home at a discount rate. To do that you have to get a knowledgeable real estate agent or attorney involved, maybe someone who specializes in short sales. That's important because pricing is incredibly important in the search to find the right buyer.

Get lender to approve sale

Lastly, you need to get the lender to approve the sale once you do find a buyer. That's why it's important real estate to work with the lender buying a short sale home as much as possible. That's going to make it that much easier for you in the long run.

If you can't complete a short sale

If the homeowner isn't able to complete a short sale, the next option is either foreclosure or handing over the deed to the bank in lieu of foreclosure. Those options are worse for your credit than a short sale -- that's why it's so important to get the pricing right. Work closely with an agent who specializes in this kind of thing and work closely with your lender so you'll know what to expect.

Your home is your most important asset

Your house is the most important asset that you will own. Be smart and get everything in line, realize when the situation is deteriorating, write a compelling letter to the lender. That way, you'll be able to get people to pay some attention to you. Pay attention to your home and don't be in denial about the reality of this market.

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A Career In Advertising

If random ideas and lateral thinking are your strong points, a career in advertising could be your forte. The field of advertising requires skill, creativity, out of the box thinking and the eagerness to do something different.

There are many aspects of a job in advertising and in this write-up; we look to cover a few. There are various sub-streams in advertising and depending on what your qualification or skills are, you can pick one. In today's competitive world, the demand for employment agencies near me a career in advertising is growing by the day. Companies across sectors and even individuals require advertising to

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Byline: Lisa Mascaro Staff Writer

SIMI VALLEY - Contaminated soil from one of the most polluted sites

at Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Lab sits in hundreds of bins at

the hilltop facility, stalled in a debate over where it should be


The dirt, excavated this summer from the old sodium burn pit,

contains traces of radioactive material, in addition to dangerous

dioxins, PCBs and mercury. Because of the level of contamination,

critics are demanding that the dirt be hauled to a more costly nuclear

waste dump rather than a facility for hazardous chemicals.

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Why Real Estate Is One of the Best Ways to Make Money

This post appeared first on Make Money Your Way.

After a decade of saving and investing, I think real estate is one of the best ways to make money and build wealth.

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A Brief Overview of How to Buy Commercial Property With No Money Down

Suppose, a property is evaluated at $100,000. You sit down with the bank officials to discuss the interest rates, repayment plans, foreclosure charges etc. The bank is willing to finance 90% of the total amount, leaving you with round about $10,000 as a down payment. What if you propose a second loan of $10,000 at a higher interest rate. If you have a decent credit rating and are willing to pay a little higher interest rate, the bank might finance your down payment, with you buying the property without paying a single dime as down payment. But, you have to keep in mind that every month you would be liable to pay monthly installments on both the have see post a peek at this site loans, and it may take a huge chunk out of your salary. Also, personal loans charge the higher interest rates - roughly around 20%, and you will have to pay a lot extra than you would have taken.

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Justin Bieber charged with drunk driving, drag racing in Florida | Reuters

By Zachary Fagenson

| MIAMI BEACH, Florida

MIAMI BEACH, Florida Teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach early on Thursday on a drunken driving charge after he was caught drag racing on a dui consequences main thoroughfare in a rented yellow Lamborghini, police said.

The 19-year-old Canadian singer initially resisted arrest, cursed at police officers and later told them he had consumed alcohol, pot and prescription drugs, police said.